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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 15, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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illegally. >> you lie. >> this is about the rules of this house and reprehensible conduct. >> reporter: one week later facing a resolution of disapproval, joe wilson was back on the house floor tuesday refusing to apologize again and quoting from the very same speech he interrupted. >> the president said that time for games is over. i agree with the president. he gash showsly accepted my apology and the issue is over. >> reporter: republicans like eric cantor rushed to wilson's defense. >> he admits that what he did was inappropriate. he was on national television indicating he shouldn't have done it. he wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: but democrats moved ahead with the rebuke of wilson with steny hoyer of maryland introducing the
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resolution. >> what is at issue is importance to this house and to our country. and that issue is whether we are able to proceed with a degree of civility and dequorum. >> reporter: according to house rules, members are not allowed to call the president a liar, hypocrite or charges that he is intellectually dishonest. >> i don't think we can let it go untouched. >> reporter: one of those voting in favor, donna edwards told us, even though the president accepted wilson's apology, the house has its own rules. >> the problem, it was a personal apology which i think was important. mr. wilson committed a public offense and be station. that's why we have to issue the sanction. >> reporter: now, this vote wrapped up a short time ago. it came down along party lines. but this is interesting, seven republicans voted in favor of
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the relution. against their own colleague. 12 democrats voted against party lines against it. >> we have a day that could have been spent on health care. anything else, any penalties. >> reporter: the way it's worded, no. the is no penalties. congressman wilson is allowed to take the floor. it simply states what he did was disapproved by his colleagues in the house of representative and that they passed this rice solution to oppose it. >> sounds like politics. thank you for that. a battle over political correctness and the washington redskins. the issue is the redskins trademark racist or offensive. they are asking the supreme court to decide that. a lower court ruled against them on a technicality. they want the justices to
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review this. a fighting irish man turned bank bandit wanted by police in maryland. he robbed a chevy chase bank in silver springs. he passed the teller a note, wearing a notre dame hat. police believe the dreadlocks are a wig. if he looks familiar, police would like to hear from you. bizarre kilg in baltimore. a college student took down a suspected burglar with a samurai sword. he heard noises, went to the garage, found a burglar and told him to that point the sus lunged at the student. he retaliated by stricting the suspect -- stricting the suspect soops. >> he stabbed him in the hand. the intruder had a lengthy
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criminal record. now to a murder mystery in silver springs. it's been over a week since simone white was killed. today her family made a plea for help. can have can have is in the news -- karen gray houston is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: they want to hear from anybody that might have information on this killing, who gunned down this woman last week outside her apartment in castle boulevard. they handed out fliers today. they are offering up to $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the family, i -- it is heard breaking to see them travel all the way from jamaica. they have to take the body of sigh money white backhome. they told me that her funeral will probably be september 26th. they are waiting for the
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autopsy to be finalized. you can see here, this is her sister in the white shirt. she is being comforted by cousins. cousins came. they are all very teary aide and emotional. they say they haven't been that much in touch with simone in recent years. they talked to her from time to time but not on a regular basis and they were thinking that -- they feel sad that they hadn't been in closer touch because there might have been something she could do. she was married with a husband that was not living with her. he is not a suspect in the case. they have been talking to him and he is cooperating with the authorities. brian. >> karen gray houston live in the newsroom. news edge on dc. starting october 1st, residents will no longer need to get a safety inspection or cars registered in the district. mayor fenty said the change will unburden residents and save the city $400,000 a year.
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>> seems like they should be able to find $400,000 in savings somewhere else. safety for cars is important. >> washington, d.c. is now following best practices. a majority of the jurisdictions do not require all the calls to come into inspection. so, why washington, d.c. has been doing it for all these years is just one of those things that we haven't come into the 21st century. >> taxis and commercial vehicles have to get seaflt inspections. everyone will be required to get emission tests. cover your mouth, carry tissues, hand sanitizer is some of the precautions metro wants riders to take to keep swine flu from spreading. transit agency says simple good hygiene can cut the risk of catching the virus. 22 to $30 million is the cash needed to start a commuter ferry service on the potomac
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river. tonight prince william officials will meet to decide whether to endorse the plan. video of test runs last spring. it's predicted it would make 340,000 trips a year. they would take about an hour, cost 11 bucks round-ip. next here at 6:00, why terror raids in new york city are leading to a warning across the entire nation. from mount vernon to downtown d.c., we will explore the mysterious settings for the lost symbol. more and more,
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creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. the fbi is putting police
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departments across the country on alert after a series of raids in new york city. shawn yancy has the latest. >> the fbi is warning police departments to keep an eye out for homemade bombs. it happened after the feds raided several new york city explosives. none were found but one man was arrested. he was under surveillance for possible terrorists links. homeland security and the fbi say they don't have specific threats but wanted to share the information with law enforcement nationwide. the justice department wants to extend three key parts of the patriot act set to expire at the end of the year. that allows investigators to conduct roving wiretaps, monitor people and access business records. civil rights groups say the last provision gives them access to things like you library system. a task force assigned to review the color coded system is being asked to change the to
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three colors instead of ive. members thought it should be scrapped but there are local governments whose policies is triggered by certain statements of the alert. many of the same concerns from eight years ago exist. terror groups trying to get nuclear weapons and militants taking over and iran and north korea's nuclear ambitions. a frightening attack in iraq during joe biden's surprise visit. two civilians were killed in the green zone. he is there to help resolve political differences among iraqis. up next, terp fans. a new service deliveri your snacks to your seat via text message. what that will cost you.
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mystery and the nation's capitol, the lost symbol is hitting stores today. already breaking records with a first printing of 5 million copies. author dan brown spent time in d.c. and virginia researching the mysterious settings for
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lost symbol putting a secretive spin on the buildings that we see every day. how much is fact and how much is fix? john henrehan takes us inside mysterious spots. >> reporter: dan brown's new book opens here on 16th street in washington d.c. it's in this place that he has them drinking blood from a skull. >> it's exciting but he didn't get it right. i think he kobled together sources that he found on the internet, n al you -- all of which are favorable. it's a good book of fiction, not fact. >> reporter: no human blood, no skulls. >> no human blood, no skulls. >> reporter: the masons who call themselves the world's
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oldest fraternal organization invite anmember of the public to tour on 16th street. george washington is a prominent figure in the book. curators continue to display masonic artifacts from washington's lodge and added a punch bowl full of masonic symbols. did the father of our country make a shocking death bed confession to his physician at mount vernon. >> washington actually died of a throat infection. so, it would have been very painful for him to speak. if there was a death bed confession, we have no record. >> mount vernon and the scottish rite temple are expecting an increase because of the popularity of the book. >> if we are at lucky as rome and paris as the other two books, we will see a lot of interest in various sites and things in washington, d.c. as those two cities have.
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>> reporter: the tourist interest has already started. >> i read the prologue to the book on sunday. >> reporter: we found cheryl and terry hayes of southern california at the masonic temple at 16th street. you don't think there are worldwide conspiracies. >> i haven't found them yet. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. sue will check them out. >> i will drive by the temple. i like dan brown's stuff. i do recognize they are fiction. they are not page turners but burners. there will be in and out showers the next if you days. you mean getting read team. looks like the showers are getting out of the d.c.area.
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live over wisconsin avenue. let's start with the radar tour, max hd showing you the big picture. d.c. is clearing out. prince george getting the activity and closer to anne arundel county. in tighter you can see the showers moving in at 25. some reports of lightning but mostly it will drop a tenth of an inch or so. another area is this moving to the south. give this 30 minutes. then we are checking up to the north to see if there is anything else that we have coming our way. one shower around the frederick area moving paralleling the west side of 270. a ew showers around tonight and mostly cloudy through the overnight hours. we do have more showers in the forecast. so, we start you out with max hd satellite and radar. i want you to see there is a frontal system to thenorth. there will be an important
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player in the forecast for a lot of reasons, one of which we know it's moving south. it triggered the showers today. we have a lot of heavier moisture across the southeastern united states. so, the two of them will get their act together. the big player will be the front. wherever the front stalls out, we know it will do that. that will focus the shower activity. 80 -- a little rain cooled. dulles 82 degrees. the forecast tonight, yeah, showers around but once we get this batch through, there isn't a lot after that. 67 degrees. we have to wait for the frontal system to get closer. it will do that tomorrow. mostly cloudy, cooler. a few showers around, not a lot. we are thinking that the wetter day will be thursday featuring off and on showers or drizzle. 8:00 in the morning, cloudy, 68 degrees. by noon the clouds hanging tough, 77 degrees. by 5:00 a better chance of
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showers in the afternoon, 75 under mostly cloudy skies. here is the set up. high pressure up to the northeast. that will keep the east wind building in. it doesn't get going until tomorrow. it will lead to a cloudy and cooler forecast for us. we think the frontal bound through will get hung up to the south. most of the showers occur in the afternoon. another chance around thursday. the showers will be lingering closer to the frontal system and that will be the bigger deal. here is the five-day forecast, showers in the forecast tomorrow. better chance thursday. check out the drop in temperatures. about 10 degrees cooler by thursday. today's high 84. friday, good news, looks like things may improve and we will go with a partly cloudy forecast now on friday and really not looking too bad into saturday and sunday. the main reason being, we think, the front will get farther south and focus the showers long the virginia, north carolina border.
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we hope it have verify. >> as long as you aren't traveling south over the weekend. >> that's true. now the food fight is over for maryland terp fans. >> fans are going to love this one. it's called first down mobile. creators say it means you don't have to stand in a concession line again. the ribbon cutting just a fun formality. the stadium hasn't changed, just new behind the scenes technology to help provide fans with the best football experience. here is how it works. order online or text your order using your cell phone. then sit back and wait for your food to come to you. the initiative is a win-win for everyone. >> the stadium will benefit, does benefit because of the lower concession lines and the we plan to increase the sales for the university of maryland. >> the service comes with an annual fee. 65 bucks to place your orders
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hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smarchoice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. >> good evening, i'm dave feldman. already many red skin fans are pushing the panic button calling it a lost season. i understand some people being disappointed because we didn't win said campbell but the way people get down so quickly, it's crazy. he took a lot of heat for this mistake. a strip that could have been
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avoided had come bull stepped forward in the pocket and thrown the ball away. campbell has never ever beaten the new york giants. >> i don't think it's just him. it's important for our football team to win, to beat this new york team. i wouldn't put it all on one guy. i want to as well. i haven't won either. but we are all in this together. i wouldn't single jason out. >> the redskins host the st. louis rams sunday, a team that lost 28-0 to seattle at seattle this last week. however, last year the rams limped in at 0-4 and beat the skins 19-7. to college ranks, terps got off to a rocky start. blow out loss to call and barely escaping with a wind against james mad see son. the head coach is not panicking, rather preaching
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patience. >> like i have been saying. it won't happen overnight. to me, you got to be with these kids. you got to tell them what they are doing wrong, be encouraging. you can't get down on them. they are what we got. a lot of these guys will get better. it's just a matter of time. >> this week we have a special game of the week on thursday. make sure you go to and vote. here are the choices: we will give you the answer later on in the week. the wizard are teaming up with hugh lit packard to launch a grant competition. jamison helped deliver hp tablet pcs to students. as part of the competition, they will create sports or
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baskeall themed digital products. >> i really stress to you guys, no whart way you do or -- what you do or want to accomplish in live, you give 110% in the classroom and whatever you want to accomplish in life will come true. >> tonight we hear from alex ovechkin. >> news edge is always on at back here at 10:00 news edge at 11:00. hope you will be too. have a fantastic night.
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